Saturday, 14 December 2013


Time for another SPIDER-MAN COMICS WEEKLY instalment in
our series of cover galleries, methinks - so here are another eight issues
for you to drool over, frantic ones! Fewer pin-ups this time around as, by
now, they were only occasional fillers in the mag and not a regular weekly
occurrence. However, the covers are still nice and colourful, and really
stood out on the shelves of newsagents' back in the last dying embers of
1974. Come the new year and I would no longer be a schoolboy, but
that's another tale for another time perhaps. In the meantime, enjoy
the images in this post - and don't forget to come back for more!



Christopher Nevell said...

That advert for MWOM and the Avengers would make me search high and low for both of those issues

Kid said...

I've got the MWOM issue, but I'd have to hunt down the Avengers one myself, Chris - never kept it.

B Smith said...

Less use of new cover artwork, and more use of original covers (albeit recoloured etc) presumes it was an economic move (Jim Starlin couldn't keep churning 'em out forever, one surmises)

Kid said...

I think it must have been, B - as well as reduction of page count, no interior colour, etc. Why pay someone to draw a new cover when an old one would do just as well? And Romita's a hard man to top.

Dougie said...

I love that version of the Vulture: that's where I came in as far as US editions of Spider-Man went, with cool, cycle-riding Peter.

Kid said...

Ironically, Dougie, when Romita took over, PP soon became the handsome hero type that Stan had tried to avoid.