Wednesday, 27 January 2016


With these pages, you now have the complete issue of WHIZZER &
CHIPS comic #7 - or do you?  What you have are scans of the contents
of the comic, not the comic itself.  "Wait a minute," you say.  "I can see it
and read it, so in all practical ways, I have the comic, do I not?"   No,
you have scans of the comic, which is not quite the same thing.

It's a difficult one, I confess.  In this case, the comic is the carton and
the content at one and the same time, but if you only have access to the
content, then you don't have the carton.  One could argue that 'though you
don't have the original carton, you have a different form of carton, which
surely qualifies as a comic given the content.  Although, does  comic strip
content automatically define an alternate carton as a comic?  It doesn't
qualify books or newspapers as comics (which remain what they are)
if they contain comic strips, so why should it with anything else?

And even if there were some validity to the above argument, I'd still
maintain that a distinction should be made between an actual published
periodical (as defined and accepted for decades) and a digital presenta-
tion of the same material.  One you can touch, smell, pick up whenever
you want and experience in a different, far more satisfying way than
reading it on a computer screen.  But the real difference is this:

If you ever run out of loo roll, you can't take your laptop, tablet,
iPad or smartphone into the toilet with you and wipe your @rse with
it then flush it away.  That must surely count for something?!  (Yes,
yes, I know;  to wipe your bum with a REG PARLETT or TERRY
BAVE page would be tantamount to sacrilege.)


Colin Jones said...

A couple of years ago I discovered (thanks to John Pitt) the Hunter's Planet Of The Apes website and I was able to read again all the apes strips from the POTA weekly - I never thought I'd ever see these strips again and it was amazing to read them for the first time in 40-odd years. It didn't bother me one bit that they were online rather than in traditional printed form - as long as I got the chance to see them again.

Kid said...

Yes, CJ, but you read scans of comics - you don't have the comics themselves. To my mind, while the scans are still comic strips, they're not a 'real' comic in the traditional sense. You're more of a reader than a collector - collectors like to collect, readers like to read.

John Pitt said...

Hey, my missus calls ME "Wear-'em-out-Wilf"!!

Kid said...

Then perhaps you shouldn't be wearing her underwear to begin with, JP.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I left a comment on MMMM 2 days ago (I see your notifications system hasn't improved)...

Kid said...

I'll have to look into that, CJ. Dunno what's wrong.

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