Monday, 6 March 2017


In a totally self-indulgent exercise in rampant nostalgia,
here's a photo of the fountain that used to lie at one end of my
local town centre.  It was turned into a 'rockery' in the late '70s
or early '80s, before being demolished when the shopping centre
was enclosed under a roof not too long after.  I still prefer it as it
was in this photo though.  Although on a much smaller scale, it
always reminded me of the fountain in the opening credits of
'60s TV show The CHAMPIONS.  Still does in fact.


TC said...

The Champions was my favorite British action-adventure show, with The Avengers a close second. They didn't take themselves too seriously. I liked The Baron, The Saint, and Danger Man (US: "Secret Agent"), but they all sometimes got bogged down trying to do serious drama.

The opening title sequence of The Champions sounds boring if you describe it (the fountain, and the three of them just standing there, looking at the camera and at each other), but, somehow, it wasn't.

Kid said...

I liked all of those shows, TC. I wish I'd got a photo of myself and a couple of buddies in front of that town centre fountain, in imitation of The Champions opening credits.

baab said...

These sixties/seventies shows,with the similar opening and closing titles and theme tunes and stock footage,
Were a joy to me.

My younger brother and sister were happy to join me standing in front of any available water source,as
we sang ,doo de doo doo,doo doo doo ,doo de doo doodoo de doo doo.

I remember the EK fountain but thought that Hamilton County Buildings (I think),across from the Courts,has a pretty convincing style approaching Tremayne's offices.

I also remember an episode of the Champions where Richard was using his powers to land paper cups in a small bin.
I spent the next couple of days practicing and could do it easily.
I am still pretty good at throwing and catching things.

Tremayne! What a name.

Kid said...

Tremayne! What a wig. I loved The Champions theme. And The Saint theme. And Man In A Suitcase theme. And The Avengers theme. Hell, I loved them all. (That saves us from being here all night.)

Phil S said...

The Champions had a great theme song. I used to think the fountain was supposed to be Switzerland but now I realize it's never stated. I've totally forgotten the names of the actors but I remember their faces and I know they appeared on tv all the time.

Kid said...

I think it was supposed to be Geneva in Switzerland, PS, but I'd have to check. Funnily enough, I remember the actors' names: Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo, and William Gaunt. Tremayne was played by Anthony Nicholls.

TC said...

As I recall, Nemesis HQ was in Geneva, Switzerland.

Stuart Damon co-starred on the daytime drama General Hospital in the early 1980's, so he may have had a following among American soap opera fans.

Kid said...

Stuart Damon played a rich American who teamed up with Roger Moore in an episode of The Saint, TC. Apparently, it was this episode that inspired The Persuaders. Amazing, eh?

moonmando said...

You may already have done so,I can't recall,but if not then I think it is time the very sexy,not to mention sultry,'Sharron Macready',took her place on your babe of the day wall of fame.Like a Champion,she allowed me to build up great strength in my teenage years...,mostly in my right arm,it has to be said.
RIP Alexandra Bastedo.

Kid said...

Alexandra has indeed been a 'Babe of the Day' a couple of times, Moony, but I'll pencil her in for a return appearance very soon. I always wondered why your right arm was about three times the size of your left - now I know. (It also explains why you were called 'Popeye' at school.)

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