Wednesday, 5 April 2017


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Sometimes you get lucky - and so it was on this occasion.
I first read this KULL tale in the pages of MARVEL U.K.'s
weekly comic SAVAGE SWORD Of CONAN in 1975-ish, but
when, several years later, I acquired #s 1-11 of Kull's colour U.S.
mag, I didn't realise this story wasn't included in that run.  When
Kull's 'regular' mag first debuted, it was intended as a quarterly
publication, but it stalled after issue #2.  Seven months later,
MONSTERS On The PROWL took up the reins, and
Kull was meant to continue in that periodical.

However, for whatever reason, plans changed again
and Kull next popped up in #3 of his own mag three months
after MOTP #16.  I didn't know about this comic until regular
commenter McSCOTTY mentioned it in response to a recent
post, so I immediately tracked one down on eBay for just over
£4, including postage.  As I said, sometimes you get lucky, and
though the mag isn't pristine, it's good enough to add to my
collection and fill the sequential gap between issues 2 & 3
of KULL The CONQUEROR's colour series.

The Kull tale is only 10 pages long, so there's a couple of
1960s stories by LEE, DITKO and KIRBY to fill the issue,
with "MISTER MORGAN'S MONSTER" being particularly
memorable.  Tell you what though - instead of merely telling
you about this comic, why don't I just show you a few select
pages so you can all see for yourselves?  You'd like that?
Good, here you are then - enjoy.


paul Mcscotty said...

Glad you managed to get a copy and £4 is a good price for such a classic. It’s a cracker of a comic and one of my favourite covers (would be a great poster). Kull under the Severin’s was just a beautiful comic and it is a series I have read and reread a few times over the years. I got a back issue I have been after for years, for my birthday (yesterday) "The Mighty Crusaders" issue 5 (which came along with a couple of the Red Circle 80s versions - both pretty good) only a reasonable priced issue 4 to get now and that’s about all the comics I want from that title.

Kid said...

Happy birthday, PM, soon be the old bus pass for you, eh? Kull under the Severins is a classic, and just great to look at even if you don't want to read it. I've got Mighty Crusaders #1, but it never really grabbed me to be honest. Trying too hard to be like a Marvel comic - but failing.

paul Mcscotty said...

The Crusaders for me is a big "nostalgia" comic it was one of the first US comics I remember buying and as a 6 year old I really liked it. As soon as I opened it up I was right back in 1967 sigh. Yeah not long now for the bus pass Kid, so how have you been enjoying yours lol!!

Kid said...

I never travel by bus, PM. That's for ordinary people, not superstars of the comics world like what I am. ("Nurse! He's off again!")

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